Worst All Stars Ever



Every year when the NBA announces the members of the All-Star teams, fans are bound to get angry. Fans always feel a set of deserving players have not been recognized and that some totally undeserving players have made the cut. While arguing over who got snubbed is always a bit of a fool's errand because of the sheer volume of players who we might feel are deserving, it is easier to ask who were the worst All Stars, just because there are fewer of them. This app attempts to answer this question by considering the quality of each regular season campaign for every All Star since the 2000-01 season.


To determine who are the worst All Stars of the new millenium, I have compiled a selection of advanced stats for each All Star's regular season since the 2000-01 season. In particular, I have collected each All Star's full season win shares, win shares per 48, VORP, offensive rating, defensive rating, and net rating. For each of these stats, I have normalized the values so that they reflect the distance away from the average value for both the full set of All Stars and only the other All Stars in the given season. To make a final determination on who had the best and worst seasons, I summed the normalized values for all six measures to get a total score.

This total score is plotted in the graph at the top of the other tab. Below the plot is a table compiling the basic information, normalized stats, and total scores for every player. You can use the filter button in the top-left of the page to set specific filters, edit the stats being used to sum the total scores, and switch between using the comparisons to the entire sample or just the other All Stars in a given season.


Data were collected from Basketball Reference.